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With Our Sister Companies We Can

Provide a Single-Source Local Solution!


Capabilities Beyond Imagination

PCB Assembly Contract Manufacturing

& Testing Turnkey or Consignment


Our manufacturing and engineering teams provide Original Equipment Manufacturers, with precision PC Board Assembly, Testing, Cable Assembly and Box-Build services efficiently. 


Our efficient US-based contract manufacturing leads to shorter "time-to-market" and lower costs for PCB Assembly programs. Discover how there is no need for "offshoring" of most of your programs, because we can assemble them here in New England cost-effectively.


  • Equipment capacity of 60,000 components/hour

  • Capacity for low to medium production runs andquick-turn prototypes. ESD compliant.

  • High performance real-time X-Ray inspection, specific for multi-layer, assembled printed circuit boards, with dense metal BGAs. Meet recommendedlead-free inspection requirements.

  • Comply with RoHS Directive.

  • MPM semi-automatic laser screen printing with precise trapezoidal apertures.

  • Semi-automatic thru-hole lines.

  • Full system integration programs.


Total Quality Management


In our family of core businesses, we have received numerous recognitions, including the prestigious RIT/USA Today Quality Cup and the Massachusetts Quality Award as well as other supplier excellence recognitions



Quality Standards for Flawless Processes


  • UL Approval (program specific)

  • FDA Certifications (program specific)

  • RoHS Compliance and "lead-free"

  • AutoCad Sketching Service

  • SolidWorks Models 

  • Prototyping Services

  • Research And Development 

  • Small Batch introductory production.

  • Start-to-Finish Program Managenent

Design and Engineering

Corporate Development

Let us work with you to create an outstanding project, using cutting edge technology.  The world runs on electronics, with your idea and our production capabilities, watch your design dreams come true.

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